About the First Aid Scenario Library

The First Aid Scenario Library aims to be an excellent first aid training resource, packed full of great scenarios and session ideas to help you improve your first aid or your training!

It can take time to design good, worthwhile and realistic scenarios for practice so we thought (thanks go to Matt Bowker for the original idea) it would be a great idea to create a database/library of scenarios that will constantly be growing so that we can just search for the ones we need. Whether you have never done any first aid before, or you work on an ambulance, we hope that you will find a scenario that is suited to you!

You can add to it too!

The great thing about the library is that you can add to it too! If you've done a great scenario or session in the past, we'd love you to submit it to the library. That way, we can all share our experiences together so as to become the best first aiders we can!

Fun and Interesting Sessions

The activity/session section of the site is designed to help trainers/leaders with ideas on how to make sessions on particular subjects fun and interesting whilst also being really useful to those involved.

Our Ethos

We think that sharing learning and experience enables everyone to move forward to become even better first aiders (as with pretty much everything you do!) so we try to aim content on this site to be relatively generic to all organisations/people rather than giving specific clinical policies. This is why we ask for scenario submissions to not relate to a specific organisation's policy - hopefully you can relate it to your specific circumstance!.

We really hope that you like the site and find it a useful resource. If you think of anything we can do better or add to the site, do let us know by making a suggestion!

Have fun and learn lots - The Scenario Library

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